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Suffering aggressive driving from an unexpected source.

Yesterday afternoon, I was driving westbound on the M55. It was a wet afternoon, but traffic was light. Approaching the Kirkham exit, I indicated at the 3 bar sign and pulled onto the slip road.

As I did so, a van behind suddenly decided to veer off the motorway after me. No indication or anything. He hovered in between lanes until I started indicating and then veered into my lane behind me. At the roundabout I went around to the right and exiting with the van following me. Shortly after the exit, the speed limit dropped to 50mph and I duly complied. The van driver came to what appeared to be inches from my back bumper (in the wet remember) to the extent that I couldn't see his headlights! He then pulled to the right until his left headlight was almost against my rear right light cluster. Then he backed off a little. In the mean time, I carried on at 45mph, then slowing to 40 when the limit changed thus. I ensured there was adequate space between me and the car in front and maintained a steady speed.

In the meantime, matey in the van continues his antics, coming right up, dangerously close, into the middle of the road towards the back right corner of my car as previously described. This continues for about 3 miles, then he turns off into a petrol station.

So, what is so odd about this?

Well, the van's colour scheme was blue and flourescent yellow checks and it had "Police" written on the front!!

So nice to see such a good example set as usual! I did take the number plate, but am wary of taking things further despite this idiot putting mine and my wife's lives at risk along with other road users.

My car is fully insured, taxed, all lights work, I wasn't speeding etc. What the hell was going on?
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