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Why would BA be interested? Four years ago maybe, but BAs shorthaul costs have come down comparatively since then so what would they be buying?
Poor routes: we no longer have the 'niche' market in Iberia that we once did. The GB Board have stood by and let the low cost operators swamp the routes that once made the money. We are hamstrung by the franchise and have to fly further for less yield to try to stay afloat.
There is no way flying an A320 or 321 for 5-6 hours with 30-50 passengers on board is going to make money. Now fuel prices are so high the operating cost of a 320 must be approx 3750 per hour. 5 times that is about 18000. Each punter would have to pay about 120 each way plus taxes for a full aircraft to make any money to e.g. Paphos. We are not full and they are not paying anything like that!
Notice the low cost carriers rarely have sectors of more than 2.5 hours. There is a sound commercial reason for that.
If you think the next BA comedian is going to be an improvement on Johnny Vegas forget it. If he was any good BA then TUI would not have let him go.
The board needs a proper strategy if they are to save this once proud airline.
I suggest: stop selling Full Service tickets at less than low cost fares in aircraft with 30% fewer seats. Oh and if the board learned some basic maths that would help, shoes and socks off if they run out of fingers. Otherwise bye bye GB.
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