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Pilot Input to FAA rules about HEMS

A poster named Cactusrotor asked me to place his post on Rotorheads...seems he was unable to get himself registered today.

There has been a great deal of criticsim of the recent NTSB reports that made the news last week. I also know that some of you have some strong opinions concerning the FAR 135 for HEMS, that we live and die by. The process for changing the FARs or MMEL's is very much cut and dry. The FAA, the manufactures and the operators get together in what ever combination is required, and come up with reccommendations that the FAA may or may not put into effect. Even tho' it is advertized that hearings or meetings are going to take place, for the most part we, the line pilots and technicians have little or no voice in the matter. So here is your chance. Post your concerns here, or e-mail your thoughts and concerns, any and all suggestions are welcome.
I assume he will be providing the responses to a friendly ear at the FAA or NTSB. There was an earlier effort to do the same by a Maryland State Police Pilot that seemed to be productive.
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