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Interesting about the "theoretical" but not very practical approach charts... Well, that is very logical to use radar and ATC-provided vectoring for a smooth, less risky landing. The mountains which the course to runway 5R intersects definitely are a bit of a problem.

Actually, I have not tested altitudes for landing by an approach from the mountains, but is it too high if one literally approaches runway 5R by flying at the lower point of the mountains or is there no time and distance to make a safe landing with an over-the-mountain approach? I assume not for otherwise, the charts would show a course over the mountains onto 5R.

MMMX reminds me of another very dangerous and nerve-racking approach - Kathmandu's Tribhuvan (VNKT) where the alignment of the runway (or so it is in FS2004) is NOT at the LOWEST point of the mountains but at a slightly elevated portion (for the South approach to runway 2). This makes proper altitude when crossing the mountain range into the valley where Kathmandu is located (not too high) absolutely crucial or one is too high on the final - something I still need to master, at least with a heavy. I will probably try that again but with a more reasonable-sized 737-700 or program my VNAV to an exact altitude using approach charts.

Thank-you all again for your very helpful comments - your will to share your knowledge with "laymen" like myself (albeit informed laymen as I have a fair amount of simulation experience of well over 2 years now) is wonderful and very fact priceless.