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Re: Jobs in other EU states for multi-lingual low hours pilots?

It's been said before: if you're low-houred and want that first job pack your bags and go further afield outside Europe. There are jobs to be had in the Caribbean and Africa (Caribbean is better for the most part, trust me) but only if you're on the ground and camping on their doorstep. I know people who qualified in 1998 and still haven't managed to get their first job while others went walk-about and are doing fine now. Salaries are often very good when you add up extras like tips (which you invariably get in the Caribbean and other holiday areas because people who go there usually have money) and overtime. Plus you get to spend a couple of years in the sun being paid to be on holiday basically and doing what you trained to do.
So if you can get your head around cutting some links and renting the house to someone while you're away, buy that ticket!
Oh, and did I mention the fact that you will be getting great single pilot experience flying into some very basic strips? It all counts and makes you confident in your abilities.
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