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Re: If you were PM for a day...

Pm for a day I would sack the entire labour Cabinet starting with Two Jags and Brown, pass a decree that Banned any person from Scotland, Wales or Ireland becomming an English MP, ban Scottish voices from the Radio and Television , pass a decree that adverts on the TV must last for 5 mins and only be on for 1 spot per hour.
Hang all murderers
Shoot all terrorists
Ban Traffic Wardens
Ban Garden Gnomes
Ban Caravans
Force all MPs to do the wishes of their voters, and
Ban Road Tax
Banish Income Tax
Give every Tax payer a 10 year refund
Cancel tax and duty on fuel
Ban Vat
Ban anything PC
Ban Speed Cameras
Make Fat Lazy Policemen POUND the beat again
Ban Unions
Ban Sundays and Mondays
Force Banks to stop charging Interest
Ban Mother in Laws
Ban Loud and agressive women,
Ban Traffic jams
Ban the M25 and M6
Ensure grants aid is recievable for Hobbies
Ban Council Tax
Ban Japanese Cars
Ban Anything french or German
Ban Thin People
ban anything else I may have been irked by in the past

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