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If you were PM for a day...

What changes would you make?

I would ban all 'PC' nonsense straight away and consign all those who make a living out of it to the dole queue as punishment.

I would make all public places state whether they were smoking/none smoking (they would have the choice) and the public could make their own minds up on whether they wanted to enter,as would the people applying for jobs there.

Cut many ties from Europe.

Bin all this new fangled painting classrooms pastel shades and trendy teaching methods that do not work,also make GCSEs and A levels as hard as they used to be.

Asylum-seeker immigration halted full stop.A points system such as used in Aus utilised.

Bring back the one pound note-made you feel rich with a wad of them (even though you were technically skint!

Theres just a few.

The TV channels would be rid of this celeb worship crap and property ladder DIY type tosh also.'In sickness and in health' starring Alf Garnett would become a national institution!
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