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Oh flippin 'eck, Mr RC, please stay with us! I've just got two words to say to you - "Mornington Crescent" under the rules laid forth at the 1985 SDP conference (remember them) when Mr Paddy Pantsdown upset the applecart by playing the self same move against that pipsqueak of a man, David Steele - addendum 14 of the 1947 Stonybridge and Abbott Convention, para. 27(a), and I quote, "A straight in play to Mornington Crescent may be made following South Kenton, Tooting Bec and Peckham Rye but only within the 30 days before Christmas and when the outside temperature is greater than 25 degrees Celsius [which, even though pee-ing down here in KL, I can assure you it most definitely is]"

I even told-ya I was a-goin to Malaysia in my previous throw of the dice! Tsk-tsk.

Shall I start off another wee round? Or would someone else like the honour?

Please, go ahead, I'll step aside....
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