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Please Read

As I said in my post which is now a sticky at the head of the forum, we are effecting a closeoff of all Airport related threads. You will still be able to read them but no longer add to them. This is a fresh start to ensure we do not have again the problems of spotter questions and schoolboy inputs. It will be entirely professional as of now.

So you may start a new thread relative to Airports with just their name - CAPITAL LETTERS. As I have done before closing the 'old' ones.

We will, as we have said, delete any posts that are not airport related. NO airline websites or booking facilities are allowed to be posted. No advertising of any kind too.

We want you to enjoy the forum and the site and nothing will give us greater pleasure than to see that. It will ease our workload as well.

Please read my other post too. This one will disappear after a while.

Don't forget! If there is something of real importance in a previous thread you can copy and paste into the new thread.

Us mods.
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