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...................for starters 'happenings' is a banned word - or anything sounding like it. You will see that we have removed the word from Airports. So now we have just the airport name. That is how it will be henceforth. We plan to bring back a professional approach to this forum no ifs no buts.

Shortly we will be closing all the airport threads. This will enable you to start a new thread afresh. If there is something you think is of real importance you can copy it over.

But to get one thing clear first. We are not out to spoil your interest or your fun, but we are going to step on childish, abusive and stupid posts immediately. That will mean that all your hard work in making a 'professional' attempt at a post you like but nobody else does will be deleted instantly. It will be our decision and we will not give reasons for our actions.

We suggest you read Danny's post again because we will be applying his rules. That is what we mods do. Our 'job' is unpaid but each of us has a wide experience in aviation, including flying and running airlines. All 60 moderaters (did you know that?) mod for fun, and we certainly do not like the job to be tedious so we hope you will help us.

So there you are. Please recognise that when spotters come on this forum they will be shunted to the Spotters forum. If you are abusive to us, or to other posters you will be held to account. We have a dungeon where we can take certain unpalatable actions so be warned.

Just enjoy PPRuNe, that is what it is here for.

You can see the names of the mods for this forum on the right hand side when you open PPRuNe. We are all available if you need to contact us.

ONE final thing. Advertising is NOT allowed on PPRuNe unless it is paid for - that includes links to airline services. If we see it it will go. If the same people do it often so will they.


Us mods.
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