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Mr FLCH, a very ageist remark there. Good thing JB isn't as PC as your home country!
....... oh and by the way, are you gonna stop having sex with the lights on once you turn 40? Or is puritanical groping in the dark already SOP in the FLCH household? Hmmm?.......

Ozzy people more qualified than me will give better founded answers, so I'll refrain. Let me point out to you the third alternative though, as favoured by 'someone I know well'.
Tell your missus that yes you are seriously considering getting it done because you know that for you the procedure is much less invasive than it is for her. Be seen regularly perusing relevant sites on the internet and be able to knowledgeably discuss the ease and painlessness of undergoing a vasectomy. Claim convincingly that of course you are not afraid of losing your ability to perform.

Keep this up for about 30 years, and above all never ever get around to making the actual doctors appointment, and voilą: your problem will have solved itself!
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