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bjcc, you say,
80 through a village? Probably was doing that, I don't see a problem with it at that time of the day, I was an advanced police driver and it's what you are trained to do.
But can't you see how that statement sends out entirely the wrong message? We, the "general public" are always being told that the time of day, road conditions, type of car, driver skill etc are no excuse.

So, he was familiarising himself with the car - so by definition he wasn't sure of its handling characteristics at high speed - so by that logic he stood a greater than usual chance of losing control if faced with the unexpected. And the "general public" were the guinea pigs.

Strangely enough, I wouldn't feel so annoyed about this case if we didn't have speed cameras, so that if stopped for exceeding the speed limit then I too could argue my case depending on road conditions etc. But it's the absolute nature of the speed camera's reaction and of the police attitude to the public when speeding that make this case stink to the high heavens.

Lets face it, this was joy-riding under the guise of 'police training'.
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