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The West Mercia Police official line:

The investigation into this matter was initiated by West Mercia Constabulary because the recorded speeds appeared to be wildly excessive. The evidence was presented to the Crown Prosecution Service who deemed it appropriate to put the case before the Courts.

Our advanced drivers are trained to an extremely high standard to ensure the safety of the public, themselves and their colleagues. We expect them to exercise professional judgement and common sense at all times and, overwhelmingly, this is what they do. However, to provide further reassurance to members of the public, the Chief Constable has today issued an instruction that no officer should exceed speed limits when familiarising themselves with police vehicles or refreshing their driving skills at their own initiative.

In recognition that this is a matter which does not just affect West Mercia Constabulary, we will also be consulting with ACPO colleagues in other forces to consider if national guidance is required in this particular area.

When reacting to operational incidents which require an emergency response, officers will continue to drive in accordance with their training at speeds that are safe and appropriate for the prevailing road conditions.
So, it seems that there was no policy for individuals carrying out familiarisation. Which is the officers get out clause. At least the stable door is being closed after the bolting horse I suppose.

Personally I think the fact he was doing 84 in a 30 zone is not only excessive but criminal and grossly irresponsible. It is very hard to see why the charge fell for this part of the episode. The excess speed on the Motorway is a little more understandable and could be argued either way, as it no doubt was in court.

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