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I have just watched the news report regarding this. It says he was doing 80 in a 30 and 156 on the motorway.

The news report followed his 'steps' through the village he drove through at 80mph in a 30 limit and the main road was on a long right hand bend. If someone would have stepped out, that would have been it.

Now, I know the news/media like to ham it up a bit and they drove through in the day(he drove through at 0100) when there were loads of people/traffic about so it made it seem worse, but saying that, 80 in a small village is pure madness at any time of the day.

I got stopped once for speeding in town in the early hours of the morning on my way home after finishing a late turn and the copper explained that all is quiet, but in the middle of the night, there are people about who may be returning home drunk from a club, and their judgement crossing a road will not be good enough. Fair point I agreed and he let me go with a bollocking. I don't drive home fast anymore.

I also regularly drive up to Liverpool in the midle of the night, purely to avoid the traffic in the day, and quite often, only when the conditions allow, drive at 100mph. If I see a car ahead then I will slow down accordingly, overtake and accelerate away again. 100mph on a empty motorway is quick and you drive to the road conditions. I can see how he hit 156mph, easy, open motorway, nothing ahead for miles he has put his foot down and gone with it, (it is so easy in a new modern car, see below), what we dont get told is exactly how far he done this for, it is pretty easy to do given the right conditions, did he slow down when he seen traffic ahead or did he shoot past cars doing 156mph? Who knows, point being now, he has got off with it.

I was once driving with a mate in a new car(Laguna), we were chatting about the football driving up the M53 when he said to me "do you know you are doing 125" I couldn't believe it, I knew we were going fast but not that fast, quiet motor, distracted, easily done. I didn't realise we were cruisng along that fast and reduced speed pretty quickly.

We all know there are perks to being a ploiceman, I know first hand there is, for fact, but I am surprised they reported him for this. It must go on all over the UK I reckon, he is one of the few that has been caught.

Looking at the responses here, how would you have liked the case to have ended? Ban? Suspension? The sack.................?
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