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Freightdriver, welcome to the perpetual circus call Malaysia Airlines.An airline which has more take offs & landings (as proudly claimed by the SGMFO) than a popular national carrier down south but inexplicably,they can't even make a decent profit, let alone retain their pilots.

Contrary to popular propaganda by the management, pilots are leaving not because of the 'pull' factors (more known as the USD factor), rather it's the 'push' factors

Working contracts (the locals call it the MoU) are not being honoured, medical benefits are eroded, travel perks are curtailed & the wanton dirsregard of the MoU by management have made the pilots demoralised.Leave are all but frozen now to meet the shortcomings of the mismanagement of the manpower requirements.

While you will not get the red carpet treatment by the locals,don't expect to be treated unfairly either.They are generally a good bunch of blokes (albeit demoralised) & professional to the core.The present pilots are in the midst of a pay revision & the management are torpedoing this effort by taking in expats at a 'penny wise pound foolish' face saving exercise by taking in expats while waiting for the '300' cadets to fill in the present void So defintely your presence will make all parties uncomfortable except management of course

Another word of caution, think very carefully why MAS are not able to retain their locals let alone their expats pilots.Bottom line is if you are offered a contract by them, read it very,very carefully.You might just be in the same boat as the locals if you blindingly accept the first 'version' If they treat locals till they leave their own country what would that make you?
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