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A ship appeared on the horizon; the decks bereft of any mortal form.

"Look!" Cried Jo. But her lover's warm breath teased her gaze down from the observation window; the thoughts of another Marie Celeste lost for the moment.

The muffled reply came at last. "Mook at wab?"

"Oh...oh.......OH, a ship. There! On the horizon."

Her lover reluctantly eased himself up on his elbows.

"Ooooh there is." He licked his lips. "Strange chance of a cup of tea I suppose?"

Jo looked at him angrily, his simple-mindedness would have normally have amused her, but for some reason, at this moment, it irritated her. "Tea??!! Now??!!'s not every day that you see a sight like this."

"No." Her lover said quietly, his eyes shutting as he slumped back. "Especially as we're 30 miles inland."

She sat bolt upright and thrust the sheets between her legs. "There's no pleasing some people. I think you should leave."

"Okay." he replied, reaching for his pants. "Can I borrow the MG?"

"No you bloody can't...and anyway it's been comes from a different chapter."

"Oh." he said softly, and after a moments thought. "Can I stroke your pussy (N America- kitty) before I go?"

"No. It's been run over."

In the next moment something happened that--in normal perceived reality--could not be explained. The MG, its tires leaving black arcs in the gravel, crunched to a standstill outside the front door. This would have been strange enough, but the plot thickened at this moment, as it was being driven by the Siamese cat.

"What's that smell of oiled rubber and burnt wax?" Her lover asked.
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