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Watching from a quiet vantage point the Siamese gracefully flicked a scrap of dirt from her manicured paw. Such a shame they would all say--such a tragic loss--those brakes on the MG were never up to much and in those conditions and the speed he was travelling, well what else could you expect. And poor Jo, how would she manage without the love of her life.The one she adored. The Siamese purred. All those years of beng kicked out in the cold, all the comments about the stupid cat and Bills's disdain for anything that could not be explained in purely scientific terms. Jo smiled as the soft lips kissed her own and the delicate aroma of Chanel filled her senses. The lovers embrace escalated into unbridled passion. Bill had been so easy really, He had signed the will months before of course--and only that evening he had ridiculed the concept of shape shift................

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