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I must apologise for an inaccurate posting here, not something I like to do. I'm afraid that this story has become somewhat distorted from alleged eyewitness accounts over the years. However, there is little doubt that at an early stage in the flight, 2 engines were inop, though as the video shows, one of them is on the downwind side.

I'm having great difficulty locating either the AAIB or NTSB official reports. I'll certainly attempt to chase up the AAIB report because I want to get it straight in my own mind, what really happened.

Theground appears to be closer than you might expect because the contour immediately after takeoff slopes upward towards Russ Hill, just to the west of the airport.

I'm still of the view that a crosswind was a major contributory factor in this incident; I understand that a number of changes werer made at Gatwick as a result, so it did some good.

Thanks again for putting me straight!

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