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747 adv will probably be dead by Tuesday

You can quite easily bolt a 5m fuse plug on to a 747-400 but meeting QC4 will mean an end to the tripple slotted flaps which will mean a new wing design. A billion or 2.

Then you have to work on that seat mile thing with oil at $48 dollars per barrell.

And while in on it a lot of bull is written about the huge number (555) of passengers that will be cramed in like cattle, well JAL have been putting 569 passengers in a 747-400 since 1991 boeing and American neigh sayers seem to have forgotten that.

Anyway the 747adv could well be dead by tuesday if CX as come to the A380 launch party as is being strongly rumoured. JAL, BA and SAA will then be forced to join up to compete on level terms and all prestige launch customers for the 747Adv will be gone. BA would be murdered if all its profitable routes were serviced by competitors A380's.

I am convinced that some of the leasors have already placed orders for BA.
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