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prospector, try opening your eyes, reading what is written, and engaging brain before hitting the “submit” button.
”whiteout”…..the visual illusion created in certain landscapes, where one is led into believing that he is visual with an indiscernible horizon, created by the overhead (lowering) cloud base merging with the (rising) terrain
There were flights that went below these altitudes, that is a fact, but they did not hit Erebus, or anything else..
Of course they didn’t – because the co-ordinates used kept the aircraft well AWAY from Erebus (about 25 nm from memory).

On this particular flight, the co-ordinates were (secretly) changed, thus aiming the aircraft DIRECTLY into the mountain!
The crew were not advised of the altered course by the company, and the conditions (which appeared to be VFR in Antarctica), provided the crew no reason to suspect that they had been set on a collision course with Mount Erebus.

You consistent defence of Air New Zealand, in light of ALL the evidence that came out PROVING them culpable – and attempting to cheat and lie their way out of it – leads me to believe your “head in the sand” attitude is as a result of your close personal association with culprits involved this tragedy.

You are attempting to defend the indefencible, prospector!!
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