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TAY 611,
I would like to offer a different view than that you put in your post.

Gordon Vette made criticism of the Accident report put forward by The Chief Inspector of Air Accidents at the time, Mr R Chippendale, based on the supposed lack of experience of Mr Chippendale in any dealings with "Large Civil Airliners."
Compare Mr Chippendales aeronautical experience with that of Mr Justice Mahons and who had the lack of experience in the aeronautical field is glaringly obvious.

The statement "Orchestrated litany of lies" has been shot down by so many people, including Mahons peers, his superiors, and up to the Privy Council, it is hard to understand why it is still quoted.

At this point in time anybody who has read and digested all the many words written about this accident would have formed there own opinions as to the cause and no great purpose is served going into all the detail again.

I would like to point out that there are many who do not agree with the findings of Mr Mahon or with the case put forward by Mr Vette.