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Eastwest Loco
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My then office had a passenger onboard the DC10.

TAA Burnie had booked the wife of the Port of Burnie Authority on the ill fated 3 holer. An anniversary present.

It was devastating for all of us, but not nearly as devestating as for the relatives.

I just find it hard to believe it has been 25 years, and what has gone in between.

Having read in depth the bad press the DC10 gained over the years, I was determined to fly on one before they were relegated to the wilds of Africa and South America. I am pleased to say I did, with Garuda.

If any aeroplane could have got them out of the corner management put them in, I am sure they were in the right one.

Solid, reliable and powerful.

Please, where have those 25 years gone?

God rest all the souls onboard.

Best all

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