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Private strip - Anti terrorist police?

A couple of weeks ago we had an attempted robbery in the village which was thwarted by the home owner. During the hunt for the culprit, the police came across the airstrip (well, aeroplane in a field really, as there is no defined "strip").

A week later two plain clothed policemen in a landrover turned up and quizzed my friend (working on his aeroplane at the time) for over half an hour. They took details of his and my aircraft, what pilots flew from here, addresses ect ect. They told him it was all to do with new anti-terrorism measures ... but as they were from one of the channel ports, I'm guessing that customs were mixed up with it as well?

I'm just curious if any other strip owners have had a visit recently? There is no requirement to inform anybody of a private airstrip, and they didn't indicate that we were doing anything wrong. I assume that known ones would not come under such scrutiny and it's just that they were basically being nosey about this one that they'd just discovered.

It does make you laugh though to think we could be a threat. At 250m, we could hardly load up much explosive, and even if we could, our lightweight aeroplanes would bounce off any structure and just kill us and whoever we fell on. As for smuggling people in and out of the country, an aeroplane is hardly inconspicuous, and one at a time would not really be worthwhile.

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