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RYR's sudden decision to increase their cabin baggage allowance to 10kg most probably came as a result of pressure brought upon them by the vastly superior allowances on other LCCs. However, their checked baggage remains at a very unrealistic 15 kgs. It might be in their interest to reconsider that too.
Vastly Superior, name LCC with hand luggage allowances over 7kg. Except easyJet and Ryanair there are few.

5kg - 7kg is fairly standard for hand luggage.

15kg-20kg is not a realistic figure I agree however it's what you are paying for when you buy your ticket.

The assumed weights for baggage pieces for mass and balance purposes are between 11kg-13kg. Just because you as a passenger would like to take 30kg's in the hold. This does not mean the aircraft or the airline is capable of taking this.

Hence the restriction and the extra cost if you do choose to take extra. There has to be something to discourage extra weight on aircraft.

Imagine 189 passenger take 30kg in the hold of a Ryanair flight

Actual Weight: 189 * 30 = 5670 kg
Assumed Weight: 189 * 13 = 2547 kg

If the aircraft departs at Maximum Take-off Weight (MTOW).

Aircraft is actually going to land 3123kg over-weight

For that extra weight to stay legal you have to trade other payload (revenue), extra passengers (revenue), ferry fuel (revenue).

Who pays for that? The passenger taking that weight, all fair in my opinion.
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