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I have worn a discreet St Georges Cross for years on my car - alongside the EU stars. Mainly to take the pi$$ out of the Frogs during my frequent visits "Outre-Manche". But it serves equally well in Jockistan.

I'm pleased to say as a Jocko I'm a Unionist and a europhobe!

Having lived in the United States of Europe (That's Living as in Learning the Lingo and mixing with the locals - NOT Strapping XXX000's of pounds of thurst to your @rse and beating up the airspace. Then retiring to the bar of an evening and drinking the Local Falling down Juice and whinging on about how there's no english Telly) I can honestly say that (With the exception of Germany) Europe Sucks.

As For 'The Parliment in Edinburgh?' - For starters they can't even build thier own bl00dy gang hut for less than 10 times the original Price. They've made s0d all difference that I can see up here apart from line their own pockets.

I fall short of actually supporting the english Footy team tho' (as much as i'd like to) I dont want to be associated with that bunch of thugs...
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