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Also posting my experience from the CJ assessment. As said before, just about an hour of briefing with 2 other candidates, 1 captain and 1 f/o.

I was second in to do the sim, 737 fixed based sim, not very nice to fly for an assessment but does the job. I am 737 type rated with a few hundred hours on type and Id say that was beneficial in the sim, especially the handling and setup part, the other guy will help you if you dont have experience on type so nothing to worry about. Normal departure out of RWY16 LSZH, LNAV/VNAV available but manual thrust so you ask for climb thrust at 1000 AAL in this case.

After departure, asked about a holding and which entry Id perform, did not have to do the holding but I explained thoroughly how I would do it. After that manuevering part as described above and some questions regarding pans ops, holding limits, procedural turn etc.

After that reposition to the ground to perform EFATO and procedure 2 DME KLO then left turn to ZUE VOR, quite simple. After that holding with LNAV, TDODAR, NITS and some questions of how Id phrase questions regarding issues to the cabin.

After that flying a base leg to intercept ILS 16, flying approach to minimums then the published missed app. Right after that asked by the holding by the end of the missed approach and which entry again, did not have to do it again. After this session completed, all in all about 50 min in the sim for me, quite stressful in the sim but overall an alright environment, now waiting for an email whether successful or not.
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