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Originally Posted by Roller Merlin View Post
Two reasons why pilots will always be on flight decks of RPT aircraft:

1. The public need someone to trust for their safely and to keep them informed and secure in an environment they donít understand. Without people to trust up front, they wonít get onboard.

2. Aviation law needs someone to be held responsible when things donít go as designed. Without a PIC to be held responsible, the law will need to hold the operators ( ie CEOs) responsible for technical operations they will not comprehend. Then CEOs will have to employ staff who can comprehend these operations to fill this gap - ieÖ.probably pilots. (!!??)
On point one I tend to agree but also think the ice cream eating masses really don't care. With more and more automation being bought in it will become more accepted. On point two absolutely agree. The CEO's and board members will never wish to be held accountable so if it allows a scapegoat to take the blame than a body up the front will be worth it.
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