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Originally Posted by Paragraph377 View Post
The muppets from Montreal are just as big a joke as CASA are. Another bunch of bureaucrats who are punching above their weight and thinking that what they contribute to aviation globally is actually worth a pint of panther piss. Little do they know. ICAO audits are limited in scope and usually focus on minor details. The toughest thing that they will ever do is write a letter to CASA asking them to fix something. Thatís it. How scary. Tautological nonsense.

The ANAO are also limited in scope, and they too only brush over part of the surface. In any case, their focus is on the mighty $$$$$ - how itís being spent and if it complies with the PGPA. Again, a token task that at its best will result in a slap on the wrist with a wet lettuce leaf.

The CASArites will be busy brooming things under the carpet, doing a little tidy up, trying to tie of loose ends from previous audits, and all getting chubbies because the almighty and lauded ICAO are in town. Whatever. Itís all a load of well rehearsed shite. All that these idiots will do is walk around in circles sniffing each otherís asses. Nothing will be achieved.
Para you put it so elegantly. Did you once work there too?
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