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Not Flown Since 2008

Hi all,

Long story short - used to be a PPL/NR/IMC holder for around 3 years. Got to circa 100 hours in the book and other commitments took over - demanding job, wife, kids, house etc. The usual really. In fairness, haven't really missed it.

Just turned 35 and visited the air museum with the kids at Elvington, Lovely Dakota being worked on. Called off at Full Sutton (my old club) on the way back.

Sat one of the kids in the 150 I used to rent, he loved it. I loved it. Think the smell gave me the bug again. Shouldn't have done it. Beginnings of the midlife crisis?!

Thing is, no way in hell we can afford a CofA plane with the little disposable cash we have now. So what's the cheapest way to fly? LAA permit mogas machine?

Looking for the absolute cheapest way that would get me (and preferably the 8 year old but not essential) safely in the sky, regular hobby back in our lives (not one-off, trial flights etc). Powered, not powered, engine on my back, microlight, parachute, jumping off hills, really don't care. Has to be cheap as chips and a bit more physical than MSFS (as fun as that is) or flying the drone.

Big ask, I know. Off-chance kind of question, just to see where things and folks are at nowadays, what the options are.

Failing flying, might have to be a motorbike but don't want to inspire the kids with that!

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