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Originally Posted by Autobrakes4 View Post
I'm lamenting the erosion of salaries from $500,000 because we'll never see them again, despite inflation running away at 6% at the moment.

Pilots used to be compared to the pay scale of judges, now we're a shadow of that. Pilots used to have pays of many multiples of the average weekly earnings, now the multiples are shadows of that. .
Funnily enough, I canít find PJRUNe to verify thatÖ.

Debating pay is pointless, itís market economics. The simple fact is that becoming a Judge is far harder than becoming a Qantas Captain (and please donít quote time to command, thats a BS seniority issue). Lawyers take a pay CUT from being a QC or SC to be a judge.

Good on QF Captains for getting $500k, Pilots across the world should make the most of the current shortage, and lock it in.

There is however a certain irony to your lament given the constant whinging from QF Pilots about their executive pay levelsÖ perhaps a cultural issue?

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