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Originally Posted by Mumofboys
Hello, this is my first time on here and so glad I found it while doing some research on the crash and wanted to share my story or my mums really! My mum and dad got married October 1966, she was 20 and my dad 22 and all set to celebrate their 56th anniversary this year! Anyway she was 6months pregnant with my brother when she got the devastating news that her beloved dad and brother, her step mum and half sister all died in the crash! I've always known they died in a plane crash but never really asked to many questions as she still finds it hard to talk about, because of this she along with my dad have never flown in their lives and she absolutely hates it when me or my sister goes on holiday, first thing I do when I get off plane either going or coming home is to send a text to say I've landed im 50 and my sister's 52!! I don't know why but just this week I've wanted to find out more details about it and was surprised to find everything I needed within a couple of days hence how I found this group. Reading through these comments i !earned about the memorial in London? And the mass grave, you see I never knew about that as my mums family were all brought home to Devon and buried at a local church, David (mums brother) has his own grave and her dad, step mum and sister are all buried together next to David, I've always known they were there but haven't been up there since we buried my nan over 20 years ago, (mums mum and David's mum) so because I wanted more answers i dragged my sister with me to go see the graves to see if we could get more info from them and put some flowers on all the graves. And was really pleased to see they had the date of the crash and where it crashed written on their headstones so now I'm just looking up anything on it. Sorry if this goes on a bit but it was so nice reading about other people's experience of the crash, and would love to know if anyone knew them?
James Andrew Nicholas
Rita Nicholas
David Nicholas age 11
Sarah Jane Nicholas age 2
So pleased you found this thread and can give you some more info and a little comfort -

The Air Ferry Crash in 1967 is a bit of a forgotten air disaster as The Stockport Crash the very next morning has always unwittingly overshadowed the Perpignan crash.
Obviously no one's fault that occurred as Stockport was so vivid in our news on TV and in the papers for that weekend and for some time afterwards.
That crash gained a memorial in recent years (50th 2017 I recall) pushed though by the late aviation crash author Stephen Morrin who sadly died last year.
No such memorial afaik was done for Air Ferry (except the mass grave at Brookwood Cemetery near Woking)

I wrote in 2017 to the Marie of the French village of Py (near the crash site at Mt. Canigou) and she of course knew of the crash, but they had no plans for a 50th memorium unless any relatives wanted it and then she would gladly oblige and offer all assistance.

If you need anymore info then do post back here, or PM me is fine.

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