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Active WW2 fighter pilot, flew a number of missions, shot down and captured, POW in a Nazi camp, escaped and was recaptured
Hero for sure, need to remember what the Nazi often did to recaptured escaped prisoners, a bullet to the back of the head. Anybody that rolls that dice is a hero to me. I don't know that our military of today could with stand the privations of those who fought WWII, local gentleman flew the Western Desert in Hurricanes where they flew wearing just shorts, canopy open because of heat, living in tents, suffered so bad from dysentery that pilots landed with the cockpit covered in feaces, shot down over Sarajevo in a Spitfire, into a POW camp that was over run by the Russians and a guest of them for nine months before repatriation, wife said he used to foul the bed every night upon return, died not long after the war. Heros one and all.
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