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Your echo chamber of whatsap contacts may not be representative. How many locals are in your contact list?

There are hundreds of possible reasons why you just can't pull a flight out of a hat when you need it. To assume it is definitely pilot shortage is hybris in my opinion.

Yes, you are right the HK pilot market is unique. But apparently the company is gambling on enough staying and recruiting sufficiently in the future. I don't believe for a second experience counts for them. It's about costs and bodies in flight deck seats for X number of aircraft.

The company can hire anyone they like, captains, contracted guys, fast track first officer, anybody. Again, if LCC's in Asia can do it Cathay will be able to do so as well.

They know how big they want the airline to be, we don't. They have all the data to the fifth decimal behind the comma, we have whats app groups.

Don't you see the fallacy here? You want it to be true so it must be true.

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