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V. The most on point post i've read in a long long time. Cathay was subsumed by a bean counter mentality that took it to level 12. No accounting for the true nature of the professionals who they ultimately relied upon to keep the airline functioning, and sickeningly betrayed . More importantly, no accounting for the fragile reputational legacy that kept the "name" of CX at the pinnacle of the industry. Now squandered and lost. You are correct...there is probably no coming back. They never foresaw that their own mendacious tenancies would be outdone and consumed by that of the HK Govt (and the PRC). The perfect storm, and now only wreckage is left. Sadly not even at the bottom yet, a place that will surely be recognised as one of the great business and societal tragedies of the modern age. I can only stand in stunned silence as to the complete devastation caused by a coterie of the worst and most self serving people this industry has ever brought together in one place at one time.
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