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CLAIM: Gulfstream G500 and G600 “can’t land in wind”

I apologise in advance if this topic has been previously covered. I have just seen a report in a general news newsletter headlined “Flier’s Remorse” about the Gulfstream G500 and G600. According to the blurb “Gulfstream’s new G500 and G600 private planes offer every luxury—marble counters, living rooms, multiple sleeping areas—except the ability to land in wind.”

The report is behind a paywall. Here are the main points made in the report:

1. “According to a source familiar with Gulfstream aircraft, the G500s and G600s have a glitch in their computer software that can send these planes into a nosedive if their pilots try to land in winds stronger than 15 knots.”
2. “A private-jet consultant who represents several Gulfstream owners estimates the flaw could impact 75 percent of his clients’ trips. “So [let’s say], for example, you’ve just got this $55 million plane,” he tells me, “and you’re supposed to go on vacation to the South of France. But the wind is forecast to be in excess of 15 knots upon landing. Guess what? You can’t go.””
3. “Lawyers have started talking about class-action lawsuits. According to one source, some prospective owners have canceled orders until the problem gets solved.”
4. “Another owner, who requested anonymity, explained that he’s outraged not only because his private jet is unusable, but also because of the recurring fees and costs that have racked up while the plane has been grounded. “You pay $40-plus million for your aircraft. You employ pilots, you employ a mechanic. You have to pay for a hangar and all the other ancillary costs, which are fixed expenses,” he explained.”
5. “The owner estimates that the plane costs him $300,000 a month. “It’s a terrible situation. I’ve talked to the president of Gulfstream [to say], ‘basically, you’ve rendered these planes unreliable.’”
6. “A spokesperson for Gulfstream says the company has “proactively communicated with all G500 and G600 owners and remains available for any needed support.””
7. As of now, the consultant says, the planes “literally can’t land” in anything other than optimal conditions. “You spent all of this money, and you’re stuck with it,” he says.
8. “A spokesperson for the company said Gulfstream “has been working closely with the F.A.A. on a software update” which “has been completed and we anticipate F.A.A. approval and subsequent deployment later this year.” But that will likely be long after the vacations many of Gulfstream’s owners have likely planned.”

Does anyone know what is going on here?
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