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Mandatory spinning was removed many years ago although many disagreed at the time. The emphasise became on spin avoidance. So recovery was to be made at the incipient point. In non aerobatic terms this means at the 'wing drop'. In aerobatic terms the incipient stage involves a number of rotations until the spin stabilises. The true definition has never been settled. For commercial pilot training a strange title has been borne called 'Upset Recovery Training' when as close to a rotation that is possible is practised (a spin is not required). So, an aerobatic or at least an aircraft cleared for spinning is commonly used as a rotation is highly likely to occur. If your school also trains commercial pilots then that may be why they have acquired a Chipmunk and seek to use PPL students to underwrite the running costs..

Many will see the clubs requirement to be of interest and valuable training and experience. Others will see it as terrifying and perhaps physiologically unacceptable. It is NOT a requirement of the UK CAA nor the EASA PPL training. The Head of training has no right to refuse to sign the Certificate of Training if the authority syllabus been successfully completed.
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