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IL-76 EFATO enroute Ukraine

Despite the regime or national air forces that aircrew fly for, it is always a tragedy when lives of fellow aviators are lost doing what many of us here have done safely for years.

In WWI, enemies would battle in the open skies and many stories are told of jammed guns or exhausted bullet supplies, aircraft tech snags or other issues, and the two aviators recognised that they both belonged to a niche cadre, though on opposite sides, saluted each other and let each one go their separate ways.

I was saddened to read comments of armchair pundits celebrating the loss of the IL-76 and at least 4 crew. The deceased had been trained to fly, would've worked hard to get to their respective professional positions, now their lives have been terminated when the aircraft got the better of them. I think only fellow fliers can understand something of the journey that ended in a Russian field.

Whether flying for a pariah state or friendly forces, we're all aircrew first ...
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