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NATS engineer in the 1990's: we had ID90 and also the odd occasion when the biz card offered on board would yield an invitation (in the days when NATS and CAA logos were identical). Best visit for me was on a return on Alitalia to Heathrow from Milan on a 3-crew A300. Apart from all three crew turning port side during the taxy to wave to the legions of spotters at the perimeter fence (heart-warming, that), it was the way on the climb out the first item on the checklist about 1000' was to get an ashtray from a Fiat Mirafiori on to the radio pedestal and Eng to light up three fags, one per crew member. Such class! The other bit was almost the entire cruise the Captain chatting to me about life, families, his skiing etc.

Also on arrival at 27R, turning off 180deg getting a prime location view of Concorde in the flare- hearing the proud Italian crew drooling and sighing dreamily was very memorable.

But I also count the scenic route into Cape Town on KLM, complete with historical commentary among my fondest memories....

I'm bound to agree, not again in my lifetime
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