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Originally Posted by stringfellow View Post
Fascinating read really insightful. Ian had the cabri for around a decade.
Well, just proof of how stupid it was to use a carburated engine in a brand new helo design (production start 2008),
especially when the S-300C demonstrated the safety and reliability of a fuel injected engine in a small helicopter.

FI rulez: no carb heating, neither auto or manual, no heating system checks, no fuel sloshing, no engine starving from spins or low-G flight,
simply the more advanced and capable engine type, readily available and certified for 52 years.
And they do acknowledge that Achilles heel: "The manufacturer also believes that prolonged yawing can cause the engine to stop through fuel sloshing. "

Regarding Cabri low-G engine stoppage: https://pilotweb.aero/airecraft/flig...ri-g2-6241440/

=> not really pilot error, mainly stupid a/c design killed the two

The most urgent thing Bruno should do bring the reliability of his G2 to its outstanding safety level
would be to fit a fuel injected engine into the next version "G2 B"
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