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Originally Posted by Flyhighfirst View Post
One striker today said he works in the ticket office and makes 30000/per year. Has 4
kids and wife looks after the kids. Says he can no longer afford to support his family so has resorted to riding his bike to work to save fuel.

If you have have 4 kids and make 30000 and feel you are struggling, tell her to get off her arse and get a job!
That posting just goes to show just how out of touch some people clearly are with the cost of living and cost of childcare in UK - the UK, probably due in no small part to far too much bureaucracy and red tape - has among the very highest costs for childcare globally.

30k will probably result in a net figure of 24k, a convenient 2k per month. If you've got four kids then the minimum number of bedrooms required in your home is three, away from the lunacy that is London to rent privately such a home is going to cost somewhere in the region of 900 per month, heat and light around 250 per month, food probably 200 per month and council tax around 150 per month. That lot comes to 1500 per month and that is before water, communications, insurances, transport costs, and clothing, including school uniforms. 30k gross barely gets a family to break even.

So, to his wife getting off her arse and finding a job. That will probably require childcare, either at nursery for the littler ones, or before and after school clubs for the older ones. Teens might be trusted to look after themselves. My daughter, who is just changing jobs to an office environment and to work full time has got to find 1,000 up front for nursery and pre/after school clubs and that will equate to a big chunk of her new salary, and she has a small brood of just two kids. Working part time simply doesn't pay, working full time is marginal, but she will come out ahead.

Things weren't so tough when we were young, and in my parents day they could like reasonably comfortably one one (good) salary. You really need to wake up and see how the real world is for people in the workforce today.

On the subject of the thread itself, to offer 2 or 3 percent with inflation of 9% plus is nonsense, and unrealistic. Equally unrealistic are the stupid practices that the RMT, ASLEF and I suspect TASSA all cling to in the 21st century. Neither side is blameless, and the hand of government politicising the dispute is clear to see. However thankfully, since the strikes are really a London and Southeast issue we are less affected living in an area where we aren't so rail dependent.
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