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Who knows?

Originally Posted by Flugzeug A View Post
Again , I wasn’t sure where to post this...
My sister’s been BA cabin crew since 1989- long haul until the post covid ‘everyone’s now mixed fleet’.
As an aviation fan , any ride on an aircraft works for me but I particularly loved being able to sit on the flight deck for departures & landings.
Always at the captain’s discretion of course & I was always made welcome on 747 & 777.
After the September 11th attacks , BA understandably banned crew family from the cockpit.
I am curious , is it policy on all airlines or do some carriers still allow it?
I’m not complaining , tho’ I miss things such as the JFK approach at night & I have always struggled with the idea that the captain’s missus may be a secret terrorist!
No sarcasm please , it’s a genuine question.
Thanks again.
In my remaining lifetime I can't imagine en route flight deck visits being permitted again, family or not.
I've had a few before 9/11 which were sometimes work related, sometimes as a result of being offered the jump seat, and on one occasion asking the cabin crew if the Captain was someone I knew in a previous job ( same name, different person).
Nonetheless it led to a thirty minute stay on the flight deck of a 777 with a fabulous view skimming just above the clouds, with the 2nd Officer showing us through the various instruments and systems, and how they worked in flight.
A shame that the opportunity is denied now, but understandable.

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