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Bob Viking
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My thoughts.

A few caveats before I pass judgment.

1. I spend 99.99% of my time at work in a flying suit.
2. This may well be a display of sample uniforms and may not be a final product (I genuinely have no idea).
3. I will have left before any of this hits the streets.

Now my thoughts.

On the whole I quite like the look of it.

I hate our current scratchy trousers and cheap shirts. None of it fits properly and it looks bargain basement.

A lot of the stuff on display (which may or may not end up being the final product) looks a lot more comfortable and practical than the current offering.

I suppose the only fault is that it is new and of course change is always a bad thing. Especially in PPRuNe world. I mean what would Trenchard say?!

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