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This stirred up a politically charged controversy in Hungary.
After failing to track and notify the Croatian authorities about the Tu-141 high-speed reconnaissance drone plane in March 2022 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_Zagreb_Tu-141_crash) , there was a series of false alerts for the JAS-39 Gripen fighters from NATO command.
And yet again, after this aircraft appeared out of nowhere in the North, and disappeared in Bulgaria for some time, there are a lot of people who wish it had been shot down, plain and simple! Like in a good old days of Soviet Rule.
Younger people point at the large number of casualties in history, caused by civilian airplanes shot down by air defence / air force weapons, and argue that it was just not worth the risk to fire at it and shoot it down.
Given how far the aircraft progressed towards the Black Sea, I can't help thinking that it was an escape of a discovered KGB-spy from the Baltic states to Russia. Time will tell.
But the general problem remains: once you get into the air, the options at hand to deal with your violations are rather binary - a figher plane can kill you and everyone else on board or let you do what you want.
There are more spohisticated and scaleable options for the ground forces, police, border control etc.
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