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As i suspected NOD,

i can't expect a decent reply.

Maybe you should have called me a stupid **** for mis-interpretating information? As i said i heard it on the radio, i didn't phone up and challenge him with the average PPRuNe attitude that you show. In this world ANYTHING can happen, and YES that includes planes being held on the runways, yes very unlikely in the knowledge of the aviation world, but so was sept 11. I could also turn around to yourself and say the same, last night was New Years EVE, how busy would the airport be? again thanks for the Mister I KNOW IT ALL attitude, but please, dont bring it into any of my threads.

Maybe you can try and attack some of my spelling and grammer in any of my posts as you do seem that low.

It would be nice if people could reply on the subject and not try and flame me for a simple mistake.
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