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Originally Posted by compressor stall View Post
SO under that definition, what was Tenerife then? KLM was airborne.
As far as Iím aware the KLM rotated early after seeing the Panam aircraft.

Back to the original question.
At my home airport we had a limousine driver misunderstanding pick up instructions and he crossed the active runway. No airplane in sight so a runway incursion of the lower category.
He didnít have a clearance to be where he was.
If we have two aircraft airborne after taking off from two intersecting runways we obviously have a bigger problem.
But the near miss in itself is not the runway incursion. That occurred when one of the aircraft entered the runway without a clearance.
Runway or taxiway incursions are surface based incursions, not having an ATC clearance for where you at or for what you are doing.
Hope that helps to clear up any confusion.
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