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That assumption can operate only so far, practicably. Cleared to land when there’s an aircraft sitting on the piano keys or cleared to cross a runway with one about to touch down on that runway are obvious examples of when we should ‘add (safety) value’. (Fortunately, never happened to me BTW. I think that the ATC/Leaddie stuffup ratio for the last few decades is 1:100.) But second-guessing ATC in relation to aircraft of which you may not be aware or may not be able to see may be a path to madness.

I’ve seen the dirty belly of a crossing aircraft ‘up close and personal’ only a few times: A couple of times in V1 under aircraft on approach to 34R YSSY and once in Class E when a crossing Dash 8 levelled off during descent and crossed at 500’ directly above me. (In the latter case the Dash, Centre and me were all identified and in contact.) All looked much closer than 500’ above me, but that is a consequence of how big they are and the rareness of the circumstances.

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