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Originally Posted by Bloated Stomach View Post
Youíll find most are happy at Emirates. If they werenít, they would be long gone. Emirates will always have a steady stream of competent pilots. Emirates isnít perfect but a very good option for a lot of people. Look around Europe, South Asia and South America and youíll see how bad employers can be.
That's 3rd floor talking. But it is a fact that a lot of people stay. Are all these people happy? It is all relative as said before. If you have only options to go to which will make you less happy, easy choice. But even then ex colleagues left for RYR, DHL and Wizz.

But to say that most are happy at EK? That is BS. Just look around you in MS or MH. You never see a EK pilot smiling when being picked up with the company car. It should be fun to again fly the biggest pax ac...ooh wait you did that last year for 1000+ hours (unfactured).
Check out FB, the Pilot Wifes page..seems everybody is not so happy.
But hey..,what is happiness?

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