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So what you're basically saying is that YOU didn't enjoy life in Dubai and that for some people's personal circumstances working in the Middle East is not an option compatible with their family plans. Fair enough.

Dubai is a love it or hate it kind of city. There are people who do enjoy the life style in Dubai (Le me) and managed to establish relationships with people and a time off work that doesn't feel completely artificial. There are expats there who do things other than beach posing, desert bbq and yacht parties. I left Dubai late 2000s. I still maintain contact with the people who stayed. They're alright. Not all of them feel like they are in a golden cage. Some of them have families and businesses outside of aviation and property in Dubai. If you expect an ME3 adventure to be the same as working for a legacy based in your hometown, then maybe that's your problem right there.

But more importantly, when stating the facts about how it feels like to work in Dubai at Emirates, you need to consider where people are coming from. Nobody is leaving a job at Lufthansa for a job at Emirates. We're all trying to have a better career. Sometimes the motivation is money, sometimes it's a lifestyle or a professional satisfaction. You just don't know where people come from so you can't say it's good or bad. It's always relative.

You can't blame new pilots for the current conditions in the low cost carriers in Europe. I'd like to see you with 500h prop rejecting your first airline gig. The conditions have changed mid contract. People are leaving. This exodus will result in an improvement of conditions. It's just another cycle.
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