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Originally Posted by Spongeboeing View Post
How can you ask that?? That's like aviation career basics.

Because not all of us were lucky to get a job at a national carrier in our 20s. We're mercenaries. We go where the good work is hoping to make as much money as possible in a way that is compatible with our off-work life goals and enjoy while we're at it. You know well enough that most European pilots would change a high income career in Asia and the Middle East for a lower income career in a national carrier like Lufthansa, KLM or Iberia. Who here is flying for Lufthansa I ask? Most of us here are in Easyjet, Wizzair, Ryanair, DHL, Norwegian, etc. Tell a Wizzair pilot that xxx company is bad because they fly a lot. See what happens.
And yet there are people who stayed at EK alhough there were options to go to above mentioned airlines the past years. Many did apply but didnt get in for some reason. Then you realise you are trapped in your golden cage. Might as well convince yourself that life at LH, KLM is worse than at EK. Taxes, the people, the weather, flying big aircraft, here I am a somebody and I can behave inhumane to other people..you will find some reason...anything to fool yourself and keep some self esteem. But you know you have been bending over "me love you longtime " and that you are stuck in that position.

For people who cannot apply at the legacy carriers...EK is "best of the worst". Halas, what to do. Fill buckets. When done, leave and enjoy the hard earned. Hopefully still with your family. That should be the main goal. Keep focussing on that goal and all the BS will slide off you.
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