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[QUOTE=Gnadenburg;11233944]Thereís a fair degree of bitter mistruth about Ansett on this thread. Ansett never taught a TOGA-tap nor do I believe the crew in this incident were Ex-AN. Iíve flown with three Airbus operators with seven lots of SOPís and Ansettís initial training on flying the the A320 was excellent if of reasonable competency. Letís not understate reasonable competency here, Airbus 320/330 has crashed four times on GA, with Nagoya stated above, being different technology in the A300. Anecdotally, the rapid rise of Jetstar with the Airbus wasnít without its drama.

Hi Gnadenburg, I would agree it was never actually officially "taught" but it was put out there as a suggested method to avoid flap overspeed at light weights with low GA alts. I personally remember, but it was just a suggested method and wasn't pushed as it wasn't in the ops manual (my memory is this was before the intro of FCOM).
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